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Waste Not, Want Not (Photos)

December 30, 2015
Has New Hampshire surpassed its opportunity to make an environmental change? Can we remain sustainable when and where it comes to landfills, sewer treatment plants and toxic waste? In other words, where will we bury our trash? Every year, the United States generates just about 230 tons of trash! In more human terms, we all carry about 4.6 lbs., of trash with us each day. Talk about junk in the trunk!

Less than one quarter of this trash talk is recycled. Oddly enough though, almost 70 percent of it can be made new again.

Soon the simple fact will be this; New Hampshire will have nowhere to bury its waste. Plain and simple. Our doomsday will come in the form being buried alive by our own gluttony.

Waste treatment plants only have the capability to remove 90 percent of the bacteria that flows in and out of state meaning that our waterways are still inhabited by toxins and disease.

We can incinerate our waste yet this and along with turning it into a viable energy source can be an expensive venture. A venture that is not sustainable.

What can be done to avoid an uncertain wasteful and disastrous trashy future?

1. Just Do It! Waste Less!

2. Less is more. Shop environmentally. Do you really need five containers of Windex to clean one window?

3. Frequent your local Farmers Market. Tilton, New Hampshire, provides a wonderful market off season; Saturday and Sunday off I-93, exit 20. Products are local and not pre-packed.

4. Stop Junk Mail. Go to paperless billing.

5. Visit, one persons junk is another persons treasure.

6. Buy products stamped with the made of recycled materials label; it makes a world of difference

7. Simply put, live simply

My parents have five phones between the two of them. They never answer any of them. And, most of the time, they arent really sure how the new-fangled ones work. In the words of one Jimmy Buffet, who needs that much organization in their lives.

Doomsday is coming to a Transfer Station near you New Hampshire. Choose to Reuse.

To opt out for five years: Call toll-free 1-888-5-OPT-OUT-stop unwanted Junk Mail now.

Know About The Problems Of Septic Tank At Direct Rental Service

October 19, 2015
Septic tank is used in almost every house and business locations for the purpose of sewage treatment. This tank will collect all the waste materials from lavatories, kitchens, sinks, bathrooms, and laundries. The waste water will be disposed into the septic tank for further treatment.

There are various sizes and designs of tanks and are typically made up of cement and plastic. Most of them install cement tanks in their houses or business location. Plastic tanks are used where there no enough place to install cement tanks.

The septic tank should be maintained well and should undergo pumping and cleaning in regular intervals of time. Otherwise, this may lead to major problems, repairs, and replacements that cost pretty much high. Tank should be cleaned or pumped once in every year. Cleaning and pumping of tanks depends on the size of tank and the number of individuals in the house. In general, it has to undergo cleaning or pumping annually. This will clear all the blockages in the septic pipes and drainfields.

This system can cause various problems if not maintained properly. They are like broken pipes, drainfield failure, roots, unpleasant smell, clogging, or high water table, etc., and these problems are concerned as a threat to our environment.

If you come across any kind of septic problems, then it is better to call a professional to deal it. The professional may advice it to get it cleaned or pumped. You have to explain the exact situation and problem you faced by the system. He can understand and the technician will guide you accordingly.

As there are many companies that are providing this service, go for the best service provider for the correct treatment to the system. There is no need to get worried if you have any issues with the tank, just call them and explain to them clearly, then they will handle it carefully.

To avoid such problems, you have to take some precautions for the tank. It can increase the life of the tank and can avoid unnecessary expenses. You have to stop unnecessary usage of water, reduce toilet flushes, and reduce disposing solid waste materials, oil, and grease.

A regular cleaning and pumping of septic system can reduce the problems and keeps the system safe. If not, it will cause blockages in the drainfield, clogging, and leads to huge repairs. If the problem not solved by pumping, then the professionals may have to break the entire pipes and install the new one. This will cost you pretty much high and definitely it will empty your pockets. So, by regular maintenance, you can save some handsome amount of money.

If you come across a small problem with the tank, then call a professional and get it solved soon. This will also help in saving some money. If neglected then, leads to major repairs.

Bioaugmentation, Operation And Maintenance Of Sewerage Treatment Plant.

October 19, 2015
Tenders are invited for Bioaugmentation, Operation And Maintenance Of Sewerage Treatment Plant Of M.V. Hospital At Pooth Khurd, Delhi In Connection With Annual Repair & Maintenance Operation To M.V. Hospital At Pooth Khurd, Delhi During 2014 average cost to pump septic tank 15.

Tender Value: INR 443535

EMD Amount (INR): 8,871

Period Of Work(Days): 365

Document septic additives Download / Sale Start Date: 22-Sep-2014 02:35 PM

Document Download / Sale septic tank trucks for sale End Date: 29-Sep-2014 03:00 PM

Bid Submission Start Date: 22-Sep-2014 02:35 PM

Bid Submission End Date: 29-Sep-2014 03:00 PM

Bid Opening Date: 29-Sep-2014 03:30 PM

Tender documents : T24000939.html ,

2014 Al Bawaba ( Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. ( ).

COPYRIGHT 2014 SyndiGate Media Inc.

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Copyright 2014 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.,+Operation+And+Maintenance+Of+Sewerage+Treatment...-a0383397929

Friends honor woman killed by septic shock - KETV Omaha

September 10, 2015
A newlywed with a new home and her dream job died of septic shock, something that many people know little about.

[Video:Friends honor woman killed by septic shock]

Monday is the anniversary of Caitlin Murphy's death. Her close friends are choosing to raise awareness and pay it forward.

"I can always imagine her with a smile on her face or a corny joke," Jamie Leinart said. "She wasexcited. (Her and her husband had) just bought a home together. Her and her high school sweetheart had just married. She was great at what she did. She wanted to open her own salon."

Murphy collapsed weeks after her wedding. She didn't know she had an infection, which causes septic shock.

"As far as septic shock goes, most people just think of tampon," Leinart said.

Leinart believes a surgery several years ago caused Murphy's infection. Nevertheless, her friends are focusing on healing and health as they continue to strive for closure.

In honor of the esthetician who made others feel beautiful, Murphy's best friends spent the anniversary of her death handing out hygiene bags to women in need.

"Lots of women don't have accessibility to what we take for granted," Leinart said. "I want something positive to come of this.

Severe infections cause septic shock. In some cases, like Murphy's, the patients may not know they have an infection.

Those interested in supporting Murphy's friends can follow their updates on Twitter with #CaitlinsLifeMatters.

Drought drying up some private wells in Yakima Basin - Yakima Herald-Republic

September 9, 2015
More than the usual number of Yakima Valley residential wells are experiencing low water pressure or even running dry this summer.

Its almost a perfect storm of factors that work against people with shallow wells during this drought, said Avery Richardson, regional well construction coordinator for the state Department of Ecology. We are being contacted more this year than in a non-drought year about people running out of water.

No one compiles numbers, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence based on information from state officials and drillers that this year is particularly bad for shallow wells.

Not all well problems are drought-related. But shallow wells are more vulnerable because they tap water sources that are recharged faster by rain and snow than deeper aquifers.

Making matters worse for shallow wells, people are pumping more than usual this summer to compensate for heat, lack of rain and, in some cases, reduced irrigation water.

During a normal year, irrigation water that isnt soaked up by crops tends to recharge the shallow groundwater. Thats not happening this year because farmers have less water to irrigate with, Richardson said.

However, wells go dry in the Yakima Valley every year, said Gary Lydin, co-owner of Apple Valley Well Drilling.

Lydin said his business is having a particularly busy summer. Hes booked four or five weeks out, but thinks it is unfair to give the drought all the blame.

I dont see it really pertaining to this years drought; its just more people taking water out of the ground than is refilling, Lydin said. The water table is just dropping in places. Its been dropping for years.

It all depends on what aquifer a well taps into. Lydin said hes seen 60-foot deep wells and 300-foot deep wells go dry; it all depends on where the well is in relation to the aquifer and neighboring wells. In short, its complicated under there.

But if youve got the short straw, you might end up with problems, Lydin said.

Richardson agreed that there are places in the Yakima Valley experiencing long-term decline that has nothing to do with this drought.

But a year like this just accelerates those trends, he said. Theres a lot more pressure on groundwater than there normally is.

Yakima County residents have also been calling Mark Akland, with Akland Pump and Irrigation Co., to see if he can lower the pumps in their existing wells to reach more water.

Water levels are suffering this year, Akland said. Weve been very busy lowering pumps.

He said that some areas have been hit particularly hard, but he declined to identify those areas, out of respect for his clients and their neighbors who may be trying to sell homes or worried about potential impact to property values.

But if they cant lower the pumps enough, then homeowners have to call the well drillers.

Lydin says he usually prefers to drill a new well because trying to deepen an existing well can damage the wells casing and cause more problems than its worth. Drilling a new well costs from $5,000 to $10,000, plus more for the pump work, he said.

Most people arent prepared for a bill that big, Lydin said. But you have to have water, no way around it.

The states emergency drought relief funds dont offer assistance to homeowners whose wells have gone dry. Basically, your private well is your responsibility, said Ted Silvestri with the Yakima Health Department.

No permit is required for private domestic wells, but drillers do have to notify Richardson at the Department of Ecology of their intent to drill. In emergency situations such as when someones well has gone dry, Richardson can waive the 72-hour waiting period normally applied to well drillers. He said hes seeing more requests for that this summer.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture does have a program that could help low-income, rural homeowners replace their wells with low interest loans or grants for seniors, but the program has lots of restrictions.

Eligible homeowners have to agree to address all the health and safety risks in their home, such as a leaky roof, out-of-date wiring and septic maintenance, in order to qualify, said Benacio Garcia, the program administrator. But those who meet the conditions can get a loan for up to $20,000 at 1 percent interest to make repairs to wells and other issues.

Its a great program when it works, Garcia said. But it does no good to find out there are so many issues and we only address some of them and then something goes wrong. We encourage people to contact us before their homes get worse.

Photos: Six beachfront cottages for sale on Cape Cod for under $300K -

September 7, 2015
Have you ever wanted your own private cottage directly on the beach? These six quaint New England cottages are all located on Cape Cod near the water.

These reasonably priced cottages provide a great vacation home for owners, as well as an outstanding rental property. Many of them are located in waterfront group establishments, allowing for low maintenance living and easy access to any resources necessary.

As you browse through the gallery, picture yourself walking out of the door and right onto the beach. Can you smell the ocean yet?

Here are the links to real estate listings for all homes, in order of appearance:

140 Old Wharf Road - Unit #4, Dennis Port, MA 02639

"Rare opportunity to own your own year-round home overlooking the beach with a private front yard for under $200,000! Outstanding location, bedroom and living room both offer Fabulous Ocean views. Convenient beach access, Freestanding one-bedroom (not studio) home with updated bath and recently completed energy audit upgrades. Feel the breezes and fall asleep to the lapping waves at your beach retreat. Economical gas heat. Low association fee ($67) includes insurance, cable, pest control and septic maintenance. "

Listing Price: $150,000

135 South Shore Drive - Unit #15, Yarmouth, MA 02664

"Here is your chance to own oceanside in Seaside Cottages waterfront community with a private beach on Nantucket Sound. Renovated in 2006 with granite counters in the kitchen and bathroom, vaulted ceilings, replacement windows, and more. This unit has excellent rental history & would make a great place to enjoy your summer vacation and then benefit from the summer rental income to pay down your investment. With the on- site management team handling just about everything you get to enjoy summer and family. Just minutes to ferries, restaurants and shopping."

Listing Price: $189,900

195 N Shore Boulevard - Unit K, Sandwich, MA 02537

"This is a much sought after beachfront cottage located in a private waterfront association directly on East Sandwich Beach. Galley kitchen, 2 bedroom. 1 bath and a sleeping loft. New outdoor shower, new carpeting and new tile in bathroom. Turnkey and it comes with a built in rental clientele. Relax on the patio after a day in the sun and enjoy evening walks on the Boulevard. Right across the street you will find Scorton Creek, one of the best places to kayak on Cape Cod. Live the dream affordably."

Listing Price: $229,000

522-12 Shore Road - Unit #12, Truro, MA 02652

"Imagine your own freestanding cottage, right on the beach! Recently renovated with new wiring, plumbing, windows and doors, new roof and cedar shingles. Step out onto your exclusive use deck and relax. Two deeded parking spaces go with this free standing cottage unit. Please note some of the photos are from our model unit done by Fresh Cape Designs. Close to Provincetown with a shuttle running every 20 minutes yet the quiet of Beach Point. Rentals in place for 2015 season, buy now and enjoy the income.''

Listing Price: $299,000

357 Commercial Street - Unit #2, Provincetown, MA 02657

"This sweet attached cottage, known as Cormorant offers a piece of increasingly rare old Provincetown charm. Located in a waterfront complex with a wonderfully large, sunny common deck on the water, this studio is being offered turn key. Wood floors in main room, super efficient kitchen and shower bath with tiled floor. Seasonal occupancy, 5/1-10/31. Tastefully furnished. Weekly rentals in place for summer 2014. Common laundry on premises. Some common storage under Unit #4."

Listing Price: $199,000

544 Shore Road - Unit #9, Truro, MA 02666

"Experience coastal living on Cape Cod Bay. This beautiful waterfront cottage is located on Beach Point. Nice water views and steps away from private beach. Enjoy the fenced in yard and lounging on the beach with panoramic views of Cape Cod Bay. Rentals in place for the 2015 season."

Listing Price: $294,000

Waldoboro school leach field to be replaced after heating oil snafu - Bangor Daily News

September 7, 2015
D. Lobkowicz | Lincoln County News

The above-ground septic system access pipe (left) and below-ground oil fill pipe located behind Medomak Middle School in Waldoboro. Rockland-based Maritime Energy delivered 2,087 gallons of heating oil to the school Feb. 4 and inadvertently pumped it into the septic system, according to Principal Katherine Race.

Posted Feb. 17, 2015, at 12:15 p.m.

Last modified Feb. 17, 2015, at 4:37 p.m.

WALDOBORO, Maine The septic system leach field for the Medomak school campus will be replaced over the next five to six weeks after an incident two weeks ago in which heating oil was mistakenly pumped into it.

The work was expected to begin early this week, according to School Administrative District 40 Facilities and Transportation Director George Bridges.

The removal of the leach field that serve Medomak Valley Middle School will not interfere with the operations of the school, he said.

Bridges also said that a test of the school campus water found no contamination. The well is located 120 yards away and is uphill from the leach field.

About 2,000 gallons of heating oil was pumped into the septic system on Feb. 4, when a Maritime Energy delivery worker pumped the fuel into the wrong pipe. The fuel pipe and the sewer pipe were both 4-inch camlock pipes and looked the same.

Since the mishap, the pipes have been marked.

To remove and replace the leach field will cost an estimated $300,000, Maritime Energy Vice President Susan Ware Page said Tuesday. Maritime has contracted with George Hall & Sons of Rockland to do the work. George Hall installed the original one back in 2007, so the company is very familiar with the site, Page said.

Maritime Energy expects full insurance coverage of the costs, Page said.

The project is progressing well and is on schedule, she added.

The pump station and the two septic holding tanks do not need to be replaced.

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Arthur's Ten Mile opens to the public Monday - Walker Pilot Independent

September 7, 2015
Elevated casual dining with a unique northwoods flair returns to the Walker-Hackensack area June 22 when the all-new Arthurs Ten Mile Lake, located 3 miles north of Hackensack on Hwy. 371, opens for business.

Arthurs is the reincarnation of the former Arthurs Restaurant on Ten Mile Lake (1995-2003), but also an indirect descendant of Bromleys Ten Mile Lake Inn, located on the same site from the 1950s to mid-1990s under various owners.

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Randy Tice to be honored with plumbing industry award - Lebanon Daily News

September 7, 2015
One of Lebanon's leading business owners and a leader in the plumbing, heating and cooling supply industry will be honored by a trade association in October.

Randy Tice, chairman and former CEO of APR Supply Co., will receive the 2015 Plumbing Division Award of Excellence from the American Supply Association. The award presentation will be made on Oct. 29 in Chicago at ASA's Network 2015 conference.

Tice will be just the fourth to win the prestigious award that was established in 2012 to recognize those with a history of outstanding achievements in the plumbing industry, according to an ASA news release.

Tice's involvement with ASA dates to 1981 when he first joined its board of directors, representing the Mid-Atlantic Wholesalers. He rose through the ranks as a volunteer in the national association until eventually being elected its president in 1991.

When Tice became ASA president, APR Supply was the smallest distributor to serve the national organization. Since then, the company, headquartered in Lebanon, has grown to include more than 30 branches stretching from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, and recently expanded into New York.

APR Supply Co. traces its roots back to 1922 when it was called the Lebanon Plumbing Supply Co., according to its website. In 1934, Tice's father, Mark Tice began working for the company, and 13 years later purchased a controlling interest in it.

Tice started his own plumbing-related business in 1975, called Environmental Equipment Engineering Co., and the companies merged in 1982 to form APR Supply when he took over ownership. Since 1996, the company has operated by Tice's son-in-law, Scott Weaver, who serves as CEO and president.

Chico hears Paradise sewer proposal - Paradise Post

September 7, 2015
The Chico City Council heard, then tabled an idea Tuesday that would hook up a proposed town of paradise sewer project to Chicos treatment plant.

In a short presentation, Paradise Vice Mayor Jody Jones said the proposed system could send about 1 million gallons of water per day to Chicos treatment plant, providing anywhere from about $260,000 to $910,000 annually in revenue if Chico sells the treated water. The potential revenue is higher during a drought, when water districts downstream on the Sacramento River are looking for water. The treated water is dumped into the Sacramento River.

The preliminary cost of the project, proposed for Paradises commercial district only, is about $26 million, not including maintenance, Jones said.

Paradise is the largest incorporated municipality west of the Mississippi River without a sewer system, which restricts business opportunities, she said.

Paradise officials are looking to get started on an environmental document in the fall and the purpose of the presentation was to ask if Chico would be interested in a partnership in the first place.

The Paradise proposal would run a closed sewage line from the Paradise town limits parallel to the Skyway, then connect with the citys sewer system in southeast Chico.

The Chico City Council was cautious and wanted more information. Mayor Mark Sorensen said there are developments in the Chico General Plan that should factor into any decision.

Councilwoman Tami Ritter wanted to know more about the background and history of Paradises sewer endeavors. The other Chico council members also hesitated to give a solid yes or no.

Jones clarified that Paradise was not seeking any funds but wanted to introduce the subject to Chico before going forward with the environmental document. If Chico is interested, Paradise would pay for the study, she said.

The Chico Council members unanimously agreed to put the idea on a future agenda so the possibility could be explored in more detail.

After the presentation, Jones said it would take about five years of studies, design and funding requests before the project would even break ground, and 20 years before it was completed, if everything went smoothly.


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